The Beach

My best friend turned sister in law tagged me in a post today about forever friends. The gist of it was about a woman and her friend from the time they were young and carefree to weddings to babies and everything in between. It got me thinking about this picture that was recently discovered. We were about 9 and 10 on our favorite beach in our favorite place proudly displaying a sand castle we made. 20-something years later we still sit on that beach now watching our kids (cousins!) play and build sand castles.

I got to thinking about all that beach has seen. It saw us through our awkward Pre-teen years looking for shells and discussing the sheer horrors of middle school. It saw us when we were young teens seeing who could get the tannest as we digested our latest crushes and if they actually knew our names. It saw us the summer before we left for college scared as to what we were leaving behind and if our roommate’s name could actually really be Marta (she’s a whole other story…). It saw us when we thought we were in love singing Dixie chicks at the top of our lungs drunk off cheap vodka. It saw us when we started dating our future spouses as we navigated our way through our relationships. It saw us become married women all within a couple years of each other. It saw us become moms. It saw the bad too. Sick parents, loss of other friends, losing grandparents, the really hard times.

I used to think back to our early twenties as the height of our days on our beach. Endless days with nothing to worry about but getting burnt and who was refilling the drinks. But not I see that this is the best times. Happy with our husbands and wife, watching our kids play and have our beach become theirs too. But through everything, the good, the bad, the hard, and the ugly (middle school) that beach has been there. The rocks we could walk on with our eyes closed we know them so well, the feeling of content during low tide at sunset, the sound of the chatter and waves, our beach is our home we go back to every year.


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