Just an ordinary day

Today we unexpectedly and not purposely spent one of these kind of days…

There’s something about hot days that gives me a sense of nostalgia. I can’t quite always place my finger on what it is but when it happens I know it. Naturally living in my grandparents old house where I spent a lot of my childhood these moments pop up frequently. Today me and the two youngest sat on our front porch steps where we discovered loads of the little helicopter leaves had fallen from our front tree. These are what I mean…

I had to look up what they were called because I couldn’t remember what they were I just had memories of them. We sat there for close to a half an hour picking these little leaves up peeling them and sticking them on our noses. No other distractions. Something in the feel and smell of them made me stop and look at the tree. I remember parking in front of that same tree with my parents running in to see my gram and pop. Greeted with firm hugs from my pop and a deep throated hi from my gram seated behind her trusty card table as she sorted through something. She was always sorting through things, cards or pictures. I remembered taking the fallen helicopter leaves with my pop and him teaching me how to peel and stick them. 

These days I worry my kids won’t have those same memories of those small moments. Because as I sat and spent time today thinking about what I remember most from being little it was seemingly little moments. Chocolate chip cookies that my mom baked when we watched a Winnie the Pooh movie. That one sticks for reasons I’m unsure why but perhaps I hold onto that feeling of comfort. My head on my moms lap as she rubbed my head during a headache. Cookouts at my aunt roses on hot days. And sitting under her big beech tree in the front, the ultimate tree. Big and strong with knotty, long roots. I remember feeling the coarse bark as my hand followed the lines and curves of it. Little moments, little things.

Nowadays raising kids there are so many distractions, so many have to dos, want to dos, keeping up with the Facebook parents. This summer I want it to be the summer of in the moment. Walks as the sun goes down and you can just feel the air start to change a bit to a cool breeze. Hot days with homemade popscicles that drip down your hand. Days with no plans but the kiddie pool in your yard and the iced tea that’s waiting for you. The years are going quick and before I know it those helicopter leaves will be left to lay untouched on the sidewalk only to remain etched in my memory. 


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