To mom and auntie…

If you remember my post from last year you know my feelings on mother’ day…basically it’s a load of B.S. But I would be remiss to not acknowledge the moms who have brought me here today. Because aren’t we looking for a little recognition for this heart wrenching, wonderful, crazy, hard journey we call motherhood?

I’m beyond blessed to have the mother I do. The mom who grew up without her own mother. Just writing that I cannot fathom what it would be like to not have a mom. Lucky for her she was born into a family of the strongest, most loving, beautiful group of women that took her and my aunt Patti as their own and raised them to be the best example of mothers I have ever and will ever know. My mom, the hard working, honest to sometimes a fault!, loving, compassionate woman. Who doesn’t judge me, understands me, and who manages to love me and my sisters equally and fully without question. Being a mom has realized how hard this is and she does it with ease and grace.

Then there’s my god-mom. Without question the most compassionate person on this earth. I am thankful every day that I know and love her and am loved by her. She has faced more trials than one person should ever face and she still has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met.

The two of the exemplify sister goals. There for each other 100%. I am in awe daily of the strength of their bond and love. Through them my sisters and my cousins find strength and support in each other and have the ultimate example. People lean in them, rely on them, love them.

These two wonderful, beautiful women make me a better person, wife, friend, and mom by the way they live every day. I love you both more than any words I can type on a page, or say in a card. Know you are both so loved and appreciated and your mother is so proud of who you have become and who you continue to be…


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