This is now, that was then. 

One of my favorite Facebook features is looking back on my ‘memories.’ Often times a cute picture pops up of one of the kids, or a song lyric when I had time to listen to things like music and post about it. As I pack for ‘vacation’… I have been seeing ‘memories’ of vacations of past and it’s got me thinking about packing for our annual camping trip now three kids in opposed to 4 years ago:


Go to library and find a minimum of 10 books to read. Two whole weeks equals lots of reading time!


Find a crumbled up, soggy People magazine throw it in a bag in hopes I can escape to the bathroom for some alone time. Fingers crossed!


Ensure I have a variety of bathing suits that will leave no tan lines with cute matching cover ups.


Find the one bathing suit that fits. Find a cover up that does just that, covers my entire body arguably taking away need for bathing suit. Make sure both are breastfeeding friendly.


Carefully select enough alcohol to cover the two weeks. Day time drinking, night time drinking! Need it all covered!


Buy beer. Hope the baby sleeps for a couple hours at some point so I can get a decent buzz. 


Half an hour to get all my clothes packed! Can’t believe it took that long!


Start packing at least the month before to ensure all kids have adequate clothes (and pack for husband). Forget all shoes. 


Campings so fun and it’s inexpensive! 


Camping is hard. Camping is expensive. Why are camping? 

I read somewhere that there are no vacations with kids there are only trips. Camping with kids is mostly just work. I truly understand that now. Whenever I’m second guessing all the work that goes into I see the excitement in my kids faces and realize that the ‘now’ is so much better than ‘then.’ 


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