Showers and other pipe dreams…

It’s been a week and it’s only Tuesday morning. So really it’s been a day that felt like the longest week ever. The middle is sick but not sick like stay still in one spot sick, more like sick so he screams and tantrums at regular 10 minute intervals that even my behavior specialist husband can’t fix. 

Tuesday was promising I had a doctors appointment so I decided I would be one of those moms that puts their kids clothes on when they wake up. I think they exist, I don’t personally know of any though. Anyways, they were dressed and fed by 830. I was cocky and lets face it just plain stupid. 

We left for my appointment relatively on time, to ironically get my birth control shot. I get to the parking lot drag the three kids out forming a long line of hand holding. I often wonder if bystanders believe that I am one of those Amish people who just have kid after kid because they don’t believe in birth control. Combined with my unbrushed hair and long dress to cover my post body baby, I can see how they could think that. 

We make the trek to the doctors office check in where of course they know me not only by sight but by the ‘precious’ sounds of three kids coming. ‘Ashley did you bring the serum.’ Oh crap said serum is sitting on my counter. I’m sorry but who expects a mother of three to remember such a thing. I then am forced to trek back with all three kids, wrestle them back into their car seats and contend with several old people along the way who don’t know how to use the parking lot pay machine. I guess I look like I have patience and time. Spoiler alert: I don’t. 

Fast forward to me back in the parking lot with the prized possession of serum. I again form the line of hand holding. With all hands occupied and my hair in my face I start to throw my head back to try and get the hair out of my face when I woman smiles at me. ‘I was you 35 years ago.’ I looked at her suspiciously. 1. She looked way too refreshed 2. She had looked like she had showered this morning 3. She looked envious of me. She began to tell me she had 3 kids 35 years ago 3,2 and a newborn. We chatted a little about the struggles and she went on her way. Suddenly I had hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I would look back on these days fondly. I need to embrace this be present. This positive thinking lasted about 5 minutes when I got into the waiting room and my kids fought and destroyed the waiting room. Thank god for birth control is my new positive mantra. See you in 35 years regular showers.