Wack a mole: a game of parenting 3 children 

It’s 4:45am I’ve just gotten the 5 week old back to sleep after an hour long nursing session, I lay my head down and hear ‘ahhhh mommy MOOOOOOOOMMMMMY’ and immediately think ‘wack a mole.’ We all remember that game you hit one mole on the head another one pops up and so on and so forth. That is the best way to describe parenting 3 kids and so without planning on it I play this game by myself, in my head, 100s of times a days 

It’s become an inner monologue with me,  ‘big’ kids fed, baby sleeping, great I can fold some laundry! …and then baby wakes up wanting to nurse. Wack a mole. Baby sleeping, 3 year old content, two year old senses mommy has a minute to herself and wakes up from his 7 minute nap. Wack a mole. Baby content, two year old entertaining self (miracle!) and three year old poops on the couch. Wack a mole. 

I’ve always been a fan of chaos, in my teaching days I shined brightest when I had the biggest classes with the most behaviors. (Difference is I got to leave that job) In elementary school my mom has told me they would put me next to the kids with behavior problems because I ‘calmed them.’ Tell my kids about my ‘calm’ personality when I’m screaming at them for spilling their milk for the 10th time that day. But I digress, what I’m trying to say is I relish crazy and chaos.  I love looking at all three of my kids and saying, ‘wait these are all mine? How did I get here so quick? Who entrusted me with them?’ 

In the essence of my wack a mole life it’s taken me 5 days to write 3 paragraphs of this blog. This weekend my husband is off at a weekend long bachelor party before he left he told me he left some games for the kids to play while he was gone (gee thanks, games.) after he left I went over to check them out there on the top of the pile, taunting me, was the game ‘whack a mole.’ Oh the irony.