Mom connections 

It’s the Monday morning after my husband’s week long vacation. Being married to a teacher has some perks since he has vacations every few months and a couple of weeks in the summer. We aren’t particularly productive during these weeks but it’s nice to have someone to talk to besides myself for those few days. 

Monday’s after vacation arealways tough   because I’m facing a good five days of doing a lot of self talk and even I don’t find myself that interesting. Today though I had plans! Okay so not plans so much as picking up a car seat I had bought from a mom on Facebook (aren’t those Facebook yard sale sites the BEST!) and having a fire alarm detector inspection at our house. So not plans exactly but adult interaction was ensured. As a friend said to me today ‘you make me weep for my future’… I can’t imagine why. 

First up was my car seat pick up, as I pulled up to a big, beautiful house on a country road I felt a little intimidated. I mentally applauded myself for putting on jeans and a sweater so what if I couldn’t find the only bra that currently fit, at this point in my pregnancy my boobs and stomach are basically one anyways. I rang the door bell and a mother a mirror image of me answered the door, guess I didn’t need to worry. Yoga pants, t-shirt, glasses, hair thrown up, one baby on her hip and one following closely behind. I’ll meet you in the garage she quickly said and shut the door before one of the kids could escape, I got it. As I grabbed the car seat from her garage she quickly talked and asked questions in rapid succession. A mom can recognize this type of chatter as a desperate attempt for adult interaction. As I made my way to the car I felt guilty for leaving her but I had my next exciting adventure the day. 

As we are in the process of buying the house we live in one of the last steps is the fire departments inspection of the smoke detectors. As I waited for the appointment I pictured a middle aged, seasoned, male fire fighter. The kids would get a kick out of it I thought, someone else to entertain them for a few minutes. I was pleasantly surprised when a woman firefighter showed up at my door (shame on me for my sexism). Expecting her to want to get right down to her job I let the kids oo and ahh over her for a few minutes before trying to usher them away. But she  continued to chat with me and ask me questions about their ages and whether I knew what I was having. She soon told me she had four girls all 1 year apart from then next and one boy a couple of years later. I then realized why she had been so chatty. She was a mom. Not just any mom, but a fellow mom who thinks that having multiple children in rapid succession sounds like a good idea. We were soul sisters brought together by our determination to see just how many years the human body can survive without sleep. 

As I said goodbye to her I couldn’t help but think of the two very different women I had met that day. One a stay at home mom much like myself looking to make a connection with another adult if not for a few minutes and one a bad ass firefighter looking to commiserate in the joys of having children so close together. What struck me the most was that the three of us woman were so different in location, job situations, how many children we have or hope for, but we brought together by the bond of motherhood. Mothers no matter their past or present find great comfort in other moms stories they make us feel a tiny bit more sane and a little less alone at least for the moment. 


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