Beyond the Boob

I’ve been a mom for 3 and a half years now. Well over 4 if you count from when I found out I was pregnant. But for 3 and a half years I have been an a 24/7, cry answering, milk giving, life enabling, story reading, diaper changing machine. (Did I mention I am writing this with my oldest “W” attached to my left arm but I digress…) 3 and a half years later, I am now a full time employee of two boys ages 3 and 2 and in a month-ish a newborn gender yet to be determined! It is exhausting, it is empowering, it is boring (yes I went there). Most days I feel like a crazy lady in 2 day old clothes and greasy hair…oh wait that is exactly what I am.

What I have found through all of it is as moms, especially us stay-at-homers, we tend to lose our identify along the way. (The way most likely being a path of dirty laundry that no one but you picks up.) We lose friends, we lose the ability to converse beyond “so the baby pooped 4 times today, do you think that’s normal?” Scroll through my phone, my internet history and you would find only conversations or google searches relating to my kids. So I decided to take what I currently view as my areas of expertise i.e. breastfeeding, parenting a special needs child, stay at home mom life, appearing sane to others etc, and impart my wisdom (see totally winging it) onto others. If I’ve learned anything so far in this mom gig it’s that we all can feel a little better when we hear a mom say they have fed their toddler cold pizza and a leftover hot dog for breakfast, not that I’ve done that…


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